toronto + bad weather

bah! i’ve been quite frustrated with the weather in toronto to be quite honest. I’ve had to reschedule so many engagement shoots because of the unpredictable and strangely chilly weather that’s hit toronto this year. It’s may and I just saw it snow the other day as I was driving home. I wish i was sitting by a beach reading a good book then jumping into the cool ocean when it gets too hot :)
Anyways, that’s my rant for the day. To balance it out I’ll rave about something. JOSE VILLA! how is he so fantastic? I’m thoroughly jealous. He does something quite different from me so it would be unfair to compare myself to him because he shoots with a) he shoots with film b) he’s a fine art wedding photographer. However, I will sit at home in this frigid cold toronto weather and drool over his warm and fuzzy photos which seem to hug me like a warm blanket.
I’m also super excited for amelia and david’s wedding this saturday. I’m absoltly in love with this couple cause they’re so cool! The ceremony will be at knox college and the reception will be held at the AGO! SOOO COOOL!

I wish i was sitting on this chair on long island beach…