An exciting announcement

I’m going to south east asia on a solo photography trip.
The time has finally arrived and I must rise to the challenge.
In the next week and a half that I have left to get ready I will be posting just that.
the prep!

bag: purchased at mec for $149 (it was on sale!) i just checked on mec and it doesn’t look like they sell it online. But they for sure have it in store!

so lets begin with the bag.
I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a bag that fit the profile. Something that I can carry all my camera gear, clothes, office (laptop, hard drive) etc… So I went to MEC with little hopes of finding what I had imagined and was ready to purchase just a regular backpacking bag. I went to the immense bag section and quickly browsed through it but before being able to dig deeper a employee asked if she could help. I jumped at the offer eagerly because MEC has A LOT of bags! When I described to her a little of what I would be doing she took me to a different corner with only a few selections of bags. She pointed at this red bag and showed me the different things it can do. I said “ok” and bought it without knowing if it would work. WELL IT DOES! With a personal addition made and some discoveries I’ve made I have decided this is the PERFECT bag for the trip.

So the cool thing about the bag is that it has a lower compartment that you can close off or keep open with a simple zip zip zip. The addition I’ve made to the bag is this padded box for my camera gear. I had to get creative and after storming my loft for whatever “thing” I could use I came down to this! The padding came out of my lowepro stealth reporter d300aw. At first I didn’t think it would work because it was too deep but from the image you can probably see what I did. I rolled it down! *pat on the back* i feel so smart. There are other places you can get a simple padded rectangular box thingy for your gear but I wanted to save money and didn’t feel like I had enough time to buy new stuff on the internet.


This is what the upper main compartment of the bag looks like. it’s got TONNES of pockers @_@ I LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! A major downer to travelling is when you can’t find something. The last thing you want to do is spill out its gots to find a stinking hair clip. grrr. This baby has pockets pockets POCKETS GALORE!!!


Super duper cool 2 bag in 1 combo. I’m asian so I love combos. This bag comes with a very convenient day bag that attaches to the front. I can easily fill it with important goods such as candy for the flight and I guess my passport…zip it apart and take it with me as my carry on while the big mama goes into cargo… This brings us to the last coolness of the bag. read below.
(side note: my arms are not actually that big…I blame my 24mm lens!)



You can hide all the straps and guts with this nifty cover that tucks away at the bum of the bag. I will definitely use this when I check in my bag because it’ll stop any bits from snagging and ripping. How sad would it be when I land in Thailand only to find that my bag is one arm short. sad indeed. ain’t it cool?????


Although you won’t be seeing any beautiful wedding photos in the near future (as it is winter in toronto and no sane person marries now) I REALLY hope you’ll follow my journey to many different places. Traveling alone can be lonely so please keep me company.