Cambodia: Angkor Wat, part I

When you go to Siem Reap you are most likely there to see Angkor Wat and you’ll soon realize what image you have of Angkor Wat is actually Ta Prohm. You’ll never forget the first moment you see these amazing temples. I’m reminded of how it felt when I first set my eyes on Istanbul, the feeling of stepping back in time.It’s such a beautiful amazing place but I’m glad i’m seeing it in the year 2012 because back when this big mama was being built the place would’ve been overcrowded with 900,00 workers/slaves… I’d much rather observe it now than be part of the construction.I think everyone should go to Cambodia and see it. It’s truly an amazing place. A warning. It’s hot and there are mosquitoes. Apparently my blood is hot so I got bitten a lot. Always carry around some after-bite with you.