Cambodia: Floating Village


The floating village in Cambodia are actually inhabited by Vietnamese. They travel from one end of the river to the other as the monsoon comes and goes. It’s quite a touristy spot though. I hear that if you go further in on the river you get to see more authentic living. In a sense it’s good because the money that they make from boat fares and such goes directly to the residents (so they say). It’s incredible to see the resourcefulness of the human race! Although they don’t have land and live on top of water they have things like pig in a pen and even a coconut tree!

A floating garden with coconut trees!!

I couldn’t tell if he was giving me the peace sign or asking for $2…

My favorite drink! Ice coffee with condensed milk. Super sweet and super awesome. You can see it’s empty because I couldn’t stop to take a photo prior.





  1. Andrew Ho wrote:

    Really awesome pictures, I enjoy reading your travel stuff ! That floating garden is sweet.

  2. ronald wrote:

    i want to float downriver like that guy!