here are some more shots from my trip to mali. it already feels like it was ages ago!!!!
my apologies for the lack of weddingy photos :) personally it’s quite nice to take a little break from wedding photos. i think it’s important to switch things up a bit and exercise my none wedding muscles.
thanks to all the peeps out there who take the time to read what i post and view my photos! I wouldn’t be here without every single one of you!


– taking a good zoom lens is a good option. especially in my situation because mali is very dusty. White turns to red because of the red sand and this red sand gets EVERYWHERE! one of the dreaded characteristics of the sand is that it’s very fine. a nightmare for a photographer cause everything gets caked with red dust. the last thing you wanna do change lenses in this environment. although i LOOOOVE my 50mm 1.4 and 24mm 1.4 (which i primarily shot with) i wished i had a wide zoom lens like a 24-80mm
– being healthy is very important in mali. It’s a harsh country so if you’re less than healthy you feel it 10x more than if you were in toronto. you have to rely on your body to get you through the day. it’s really easy to get dehydrated in africa so make sure you carry around water with you. before i left my friend bought me this coooool water bottle which i thought was fantastic because it’s super duper light :)
– same rules of wedding photography apply to travel photography because light acts the same wherever you go. look for natural soft boxes and reflectors around you.
– take spare batteries if you know you won’t be able to charge when one is drained. I took 3 batteries for my d3s and i’m glllaaaaad i did!!!
– take cleaning wipes to clean your lenses when you get back to base. My friend thoughtfully brought optico cleaning wipes and i’m so grateful he did! now i know to take some with me :P
– i took my shootsac with me everywhere! i used it as my bay when we were travelling…put my passport, iphone, notepad….i must say after going to mali i like my shootsac a lot more…i feel like he’s my friend :)

note: as i’m posting these images i realize there are too many…so i’ll just post this much. if you would like to view the full gallery please let me know and i’ll send you a link :)

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  1. ronald hong wrote:

    i love the shots of the boat crew!
    thanks for sharing gee!