amelia + daniel

amelia and daniel’s wedding was fantastic! the AGO was beauuuuutiful! it was done in good taste :) Her dress was really stylin too. Like most chinese weddings the day started off with some games that the groom and his groomsmen need to complete in order to win passage to see the bride. kekeke. they make them do pretty silly stuff. It’s always such a blessing to witness two people come together and see how much love they have for one another. Plus, i have a soft spot for amelia and daniel because they’re so nice :) I’m a sucker for nice people. One thing i’m a little sad about is that we couldn’t shoot around the art work…it would’ve been SOOOOO cool to get them inside the actual gallery. Oh well, frank gehry did an awesome job with the building. yay for canadian architects! I thoroughly enjoyed the warmth of the use of douglas fir throughout the whole interior….mmmmm warm and fuzzy feelings. Also the natural light within the space was fantastic! i love it i love it i love it!

props to milk + honey for the scrumptious cupcakes at the reception :P

and the photobooth!!!!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL shots. The AGO is sucha cool place to have a reception. Uber cool.

    Anyways. :( No cupcake shots?
    Oh please?
    I wish I could just see one…..