Anna + Andrew

Just wanted to post some photos up from Anna + Andrews wedding where I second shot for claudia. Definitely the highlight was having Konrad (previously from still motion) come and be a part of the day! it was pretty awesome to see the same day edit at the end of the night and even MORE cool cause my car made it into the video! at 1:42 you can see a very badly parked silver car… @_@ I was still getting the hang of driving stick. It was quite interesting having the groomsmen laugh at me when I was left behind for a bit cause I stalled my car while following them HAHAHHA It was quite the full day though…if you’re familiar with Chinese weddings they have a bunch of traditional games and in this particular wedding TWO tea ceremonies and the whole going around to every table and cheers-ing everyone…all of which is then integrated into a western style wedding. FUN!
So here are some photos of the day…i’m just posting some of the more random shots that i enjoy looking at. You know me…i like the randoms :P