dominika + roger

dom and rog are REALLY sweet….they’re also super tall! haha i felt like i was working with a couple of models cause they’re SO TALL!

i guess that was one of the technical challenges. when shooting. I had to keep that in mind and not shoot them with my camera angled up but rather stepping up onto something to match my eye level to theirs. Another challenge is keeping a mental tab on the shots I have. I always want to give my bride and grooms the best and memorable shots…i do the classical and traditional as well as get more creative. The last thing i want is for them to think 10years later that they wish they had a normal shot of themselves. This is why i was SUPER happy during the reception when i stepped out to grab something from my car and saw the BEAUUUTIFUL lighting caused by the sun setting. I rushed inside and grabbed my lovely models to do a quick shoot out in the field. I’m soooo happy i took that initiative because those photos will last a lifetime. Their waterloo wedding was quite the party…Croatians and Romanians know how to party!!!
check it out.

and now some photobooth fun! the guests at dom and rog’s wedding were quite rambunctious…very high energy which is always great because the results are often fun.

I also took dom and rog outside during the reception cause i wanted to catch the BEAUTIFUL light outside. I love this type of lighting:


  1. Joee wrote:

    me likey :) Aweomse imagery !

  2. Becca wrote:

    Beautiful photography of The Ivans :) You captured their day perfectly Geehae!

  3. Marianne wrote:

    Gee you were amazing that day, thank you so much for being patient with the wedding party!
    Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

  4. Chris Luk wrote:

    Great job, Gee :)
    That last “about to kiss” photo is a mega-winner.

  5. Oppa wrote:

    Waow! Beautifully done!

  6. gorgeous – I especially love the B+W of the groom leaning into the bride in the hallway (or doorway). glad I found you…added to my rss!

  7. June H wrote:

    OMG!These photos are lovely. I’m on a geehae-cousin’s-photography-binge right now. I especially loved that cathedral. Lovelyyyy