lancy + collin

the sweetest couple EVER!
their wedding was so tight! I call a wedding tight when nothing is wasted….the games were super entertaining, the speeches short and sweet with guests who all LOVE lancy + collin. They were truely such a pleasure to shoot. I especially loved their exit. Instead of dancing well into the night they opted to end the night at 10pm. so sweet. so tight.

the ultimate highlight was the bollywood dance by one of the guests…it was part of the kissing game..anyways it was THE highlight because first i lived in pakistan for 7 years so it made me feel warm and fuzzy and also cause i knew the song..HAHAHAHA there’s a video at the end so check it out.

lancy + collin: bollywood from geehae jeong on Vimeo.


  1. Paul Newman wrote:

    Thank-you for posting the wedding pictures. You did a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of the fun, love and holiness of the moment. I was smiling from the momentI began looking at the amazing images and laughed out loud at the Bollywood spectacular spectacular. I would definitely recommend your company to every one I can. Thanks again for the visual treat of triggering a joyous occasion. Paul Newman

  2. stacy wrote:

    great photos

  3. Mira Dave wrote:

    nice pictures, but awesome video….one of my favourite indian song…..

  4. Sanjay Sondhi wrote:

    Congratulations Collin! Wishing you a very happy married life! Cheers!