lillia + vince

it was such a pleasure to shoot lil and vince’s wedding. after sharing the journey of booking -> engagement shooting -> wedding-ing… i’ve come to really admire lillia. I mean…how many photographers have been served dinner by the bride herself? That’s how unselfish she is and that’s how much she thinks of others more than herself. It’s not often that you see that kind of servants heart and it really challenged me to do the same. Even before this I witnessed how patient and steady she was throughout the whole wedding. She was patient in situations where a lot of brides would have felt the right to be a little upset. So, i LOVE lil… vince you’re alright too… :P

Their wedding was fun to shoot..lots of things i enjoyed shooting! The first being lil’s dress…i loved the classic and sophisticated look of her dress and it was so fitting for her…as well as vince’s grey suit and pink shirt kekeke.

even though lillia didn’t have any bridesmaids her friends showed up in BCBG’s 2010 spring collection and because we were having dinner at Shops on Donmills we decided to see if we could have an impromptu shoot inside the store. It was challenging to quickly arrange 10 people inside the store but i think it turned out fantastico. I love BCBG dresses!

and here’s a random shot i just HAD to put in…i’m not quite sure what it is about these out-of-focus-accidental-shots but i LOVE them hahaha

eye heart lil + vince


  1. Joee wrote:

    Gee, you totally rocked this wedding ! You’re stuff is getting awesomer and awesomer every wedding !

  2. darren tse wrote:

    wow nice piccies!! even vince looks cool! lil looks gorgeous, great settings!

  3. these photos are absolutely stunning! I love it!