makeba + daniel } married

jamaicaaaaaa babyyyyyy
some of you may know that i was in jamaica for a week to enjoy some sun and shoot a wedding. In jamaica makeba and daniel chose to hold their wedding at Golden Cove Villas. I took some pictures of the place because it was sooooo beautiful! click here for pictures of the venue.
Check out the beautiful emotions captured on makeba and daniel’s wedding in jamaica. It was da bomb mon. The bride was hot and the groom handsome and we were in Jamaica. My job is the bomb!



  1. chantel riley wrote:

    THESE LOOK AMAZING!!! So happy to be apart of this beautiful weddings. Thank you sooooo much Gee for capturing my best friends beautiful day. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Suzanna wrote:

    These are extremely great pics that shows a very memorable day. So many great captured moments….
    Congrats Makeba and Daneil on your most treasured day so far.

  3. Forget being a princess on your wedding, she looks like she’s a queen! Absolutely adore her earrings and bracelets. And that groom could not have more style.

    Really nice shots Gee. I especially like the one where she’s fixing her shoe.

  4. lolo wrote:

    so beautiful!!! the couple and the photos are gorgeous!!

  5. Deneeka wrote:

    Amazing!!!! i almost cried again!!!