melissa + christian

second shooting for claudia is fun times :) and twas a fun wedding it twas….

…their limo broke down….they had some ice cream…

hung out in front of a garage

…they took the street car…

…went for cwoffee


  1. Sam Obeid wrote:

    Hi Gee, bumped into your blog via google. I have to say very nice work you have here. Love love your processing and posing, you clients should be very happy with these photos.

  2. stacy wrote:

    great couple, cool photos

  3. melissa wrote:

    gee! thank you thank you thank you! wonderful photos…LOVE the ones on the streetcar and love even more the one of our limo driver with the tats exposed! lol – these are amazing…you two were great
    we are just thrilled with the pictures so far and cannot wait to put together an album!
    melissa (the bride!)

  4. Sam Obeid wrote:

    Hi Gee, it’s working, I was upgrading WordPress at the time. :-)

  5. gee wrote:

    @melissa: your expressions were such a joy to capture and it was a pleasure being a part of your wedding and getting a glimpse into your life. You are full of blessings :)