michelle + andy

i love michelle and andy :)
their wedding was SO much fun and i just felt like one of their friends. i can’t say it enough! it’s such a joy to be a part of peoples lives in this way…there really is nothing else that compares :)
I actually met michelle and andy YEARS ago waaay before i became a wedding photographer which is so crazy…i barely recollect but i remember the circumstances in which we met. Also a friend of mine is coworkers with michelle which is another random connection. By now I understand the full extent of just how small the community is here in toronto but it still blows my mind and still excited me to discover these connections. This wedding was actually a coverage I did for claudia and i’m so glad that i got to shoot it! michelle’s family is just awesome! her dad gave a 20min speech on nothing at all and made everyone laugh their arses off! her dad rocks! Also check out the slideshow put together by claud :)


  1. Andy wrote:

    Gee=Awesome! Exactly what we envisioned. Love the pics!

  2. Rhia Amio wrote:

    beautiful shots, Gee! i love all the details of this wedding!!