nicole + justin

nicole and justin were set up by nicoles mum! Can you believe it? Nicole’s mum worked as a secretary where justin works and on her last day there she asked justin if he would be up for meeting her daughter! KEKEKEKE so cute. nicole and justin’s first date was at a near by starbucks and they wanted to take some pictures there on their wedding day. It felt great to take pictures at their special places…revisiting where they first met and their date spots :D
take a look

party time is always fun at weddings…it was also cool to see Rhia super-makeup-artist on the dance floor :P


  1. stacy wrote:

    these are cool shots capturing the spirit of the wedding nicley

  2. Rhia Amio wrote:

    lolol!!! Adam totally owns that shot! Awesome pics.

    Thanks for the shout-out…Whooo! I made it onto Gee’s blog!! xo

  3. Kellt Docherty wrote:

    Wish I was there! Looks like you guys had an AWESOME time!! Congratulations to you both! xoxo