sandra + ade

here’s another wedding i shot with claudia. what was special about this wedding was that i got to finally shoot at graydon manor. I kept hearing so much about it from claud and now i understand why. It’s beautiful. The manor feels authentic and that’s whats awesome about it because there are a lot of venues out there that try and duplicate that old manor feeling but they often fail miserably. sandra and ade are a cool couple…they both ride motorcycles!!! sooo cool!!!
As i continue to shoot weddings I’ve realized how much I looooove to arrange a set. I still enjoy capturing those candid moments but i also LOOOOVE to bring in the more stylized fashiony side into my photographs.
The challenging part of this wedding was when claud told me to take the bride and groom to do some portraits while she worked the photobooth. I was simultaneously excited as well as nervous. It’s hard to suddenly take the lead with a couple that’s not your own because the first thought that comes to my mind is “oh shiz” hahahahha. Thankfully we had pre-scouted the area and i had made mental tabs on where i would want to shoot so it went smoothly *phew* plus claud didn’t send me an angry email after she looked through my photos so i know i did an ok job :P