sneak peak

Man! amelia and daniel’s wedding this past saturday was amazing! Their reception at the AGO was just BEAUTIFUL! and it was a blast having the shoot inside it :) Their ceremony at knox college at UofT was beautiful too. The lighting inside that sanctuary is just so magical. I just wanted to post up a photo before i crashed and say THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your very very special day. And thanks for the parking pass. I really appreciate you appreciating me.


  1. stacy wrote:

    sounds like you had a ball at this wedding, Isn’t great when this happens. Nice shot. :-)

  2. HIII!!!
    I SAW YOU THERE. Except, you were so busy looking that you didn’t see me.
    I was waving, but I just looked like an idiot. Keke.

    ANYWHO. Did you take some photos of the cake?
    Man, I totally forgot to take my camera. I’m just curious how it all look together in photo.
    I wonder if people enjoyed the cupcakes…. do you know?

    ALSO, I should give you many many thanks for the job altogether, since it was your blog which led Amelia to me!!
    Thanks again, Gee!!~~

    Hope you’re doing swell. :)

  3. gee wrote:

    ahhhh i totally forgot about you making cup cakes for them
    it’s funny cause as i was devouring the red velvet cupcakes i thought hmmm this reminds me of baker yoon’s cupcakes
    you would be pleased to know that they disppeared SUPER fast. I wanted to grab a second one but they were all