subeena + tony

another wedding with the famous claudia hung
here’s a glimps into their wedding day. I think the coooolest part of the day was hanging out at their home which they custom built. It was cool because that’s one of my biggest dreams! Being an interior designer it’s one of those dreams which i plan to accomplish before i kick the bucket. Shooting in their house was a really good experience for me because the design of the house was what made the shoot a success. As i was shooting i noticed how AWESOME the photos looked and i realized it was their sloped ceiling, clerestory windows and white walls. well noted for my future house :)
this wedding also reminded me of how a wedding should be designed to fit the bride and groom…don’t do cake cutting if it means nothing to you…really think about the meaning of the rituals rather than just doing it because everyone is doing it. I loved how subeena and tony did their first dance to U2 :D rock on!