vinci + isaac

such a dear couple. I met vinci and isaac last year through a friend and i was touched by just how much they were dedicated to each other and to serving God. So when i found out early this year she was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer i was soooooo sad! Thankfully they caught it at an early stage and she was able to go through the necessary treatments. I saw such a brave woman in her and also look up to isaac for being such a constant support to her through the difficult times. When a couple goes through something like this when they say their vows “…through sickness and in health” it really hits a chord. There were many tears during the ceremony. That’s true love :D

I’ll admit i was a little concerned about tiring vinci out during the photoshoot so i made an effort to make things as efficient as possible and not move around toooooo much or make her do crazy sprawls cause i know i can get a little carried away when i’m inspired hahahha! Overall i was just soooo impressed by their spirit.

congrats vinci + ike!


  1. stacy wrote:

    very classy couple…. nicley taken

  2. ronald hong wrote:

    so great to finally meet you both! great work gee!